Monday, August 7, 2017

Social Media, As I See It

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Social Media, As I See It

When people write poetry, or literary criticism or social criticism or prepare presentations at their workplaces, they are generally very keen and careful to use right and correct expressions--making sure to make a suitable impact. Why do some of them think that they can write anything on social media? 

Why do they forget that social media is a public platform, which is in written format, and shareable, and savable, and open to printing, hence the temptation to make just about any casual remark needs to be kept under a tight leash? 

Sometimes, one may slip off in a momentary lapse of judgement, though even that is not justified and would require unqualified and instant apology. 

But if there is a deliberate pattern in making posts which are derogatory, and intentioned to malign somebody, that may be taken as one's natural character and no about of explaining or 'mansplaining' would be able to undo the damage.

Social media is a platform where, to borrow a phrase from Nissim Ezekiel, we are 'alone, together'. Hence we need not have any illusion of being alone while writing posts in our private space, if we are making the same public. 

--Kumar Vikram   

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