Thursday, June 1, 2017

On Watching Sitcoms

A Scene from American Sitcom 'FRIENDS"
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On Watching Sitcoms

I have seen characters in sitcoms
who bang their heads straight into the wall
taking it for some kind of a soft curtain
to partition the drawing room
or who land up walking in the rain
with their best party wear on
only because they had read last day’s newspaper
to check the weather forecast.

These are not the characters
who find mention in the school history books
for making wrong judgments, wrong choices
people who did not realize life slipping out of their hands
as they blinked eyes when they should not have
or very matter-of-factly they put their best foot forward
into the realm of darkness
believing it to be a tunnel leading to light.

The sitcom characters do not have the luxury
of posterity examining and telling them in their absence
after they have acted and faded out
how wrong and naïve they were
when they were asked to make choices.

Rather, they continuously keep faltering
making a spectacle of themselves.
Trapped in a whirlpool in full public view
half dignified, half matured and half sublime
unknowingly entertaining passersby with their antics
for being inept and clumsy

with the bystanders clapping and laughing
in the company of popcorns—
Just the kind of jeering and booing and heckling
so very well reserved for those nursing
wrong hopes, wrong dreams, wrong ideals and wrong beliefs
in wrong times.

Kumar Vikram

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