Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Invitation Cancelled-II

Invitation Cancelled-II

" Come over sometime with your family"
My poet-friend from the valley
Had invited me warmly
"These days it is better",
His words had already conjured up for me
Images of inviting snow-capped peaks
Musical streams, tall Chinars lined up
To greet me with a guard of honour of sorts,
Before he had added with a chuckle
" Like a patient etherised upon a table".
It was meant to evoke an intellectual laughter for sure
But I had taken it seriously
Now making me wonder
If the bold headlined
" Invitation Cancelled" " Invitation Cancelled"
Has now been put out by him for me
Or somebody just wrote "cancelled" in a hurry
Meaning "postponed"...

Kumar Vikram

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