Tuesday, June 3, 2014

To Baichung Bhutia: A Poem

Well, this poem has been lying buried as a draft in my computer written perhaps in 2007 or so. I always felt that our talents like Baichung Bhutia, captain of Indian Football Team, never got the international recognition which they deserved since they played a marginal sport in a backward country. Bhutia is of course just a leitmotif for all deserved more.

The farewell match of Bhutia against F C Bayern Munich at New Delhi, January 11, 2012
Photo courtesy: http://www.indiatimes.com/football/bayern-win-match-baichung-wins-heart-9782.html

To Baichung Bhutia: A Poem

‘Bhutia, Bhutia!’, pass the ball to me
‘Bhutia, Bhutia!’, pass the ball to him
keep passing it to him and to me
you can’t help it
no body is gonna come to you
to tell you
stop dribbling and stop passing
no body is gonna come and announce
‘Bhutiaji, Bhutiaji’, come hither, come to us
let us play on the main field
in full focus of arch lights
before the soap makers, before the shoe makers
before gods, demi-gods and goddesses
all crying, ‘Bhutia, Bhutia, we want to touch you
we want to buy you!’
‘Bhutia, Bhutia, dance with us, sing with us, bless us’.
‘Bhutia, Bhutia!’, but keep passing and keep moving
you would not know
the man on the street gets a kick
while you tackle the hordes round you
running after you
a feeling the cyclists get
trying to race with cars on a dusty dark streets.

--Kumar Vikram


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