Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Undesirable Hangover-A Poem

This is one of my earliest poem written sometime in 1993-94. However, it got first published sometime in 2004 or so in one of the issues of 'Indian Literature'. Somehow, I have always felt connected with it, even though lot of changes have taken place in my life during the last two decades or so. Just sharing it for the interested readers:

When you blow off a candle
with your casually or strongly exhaled breath
many a time
you will notice
there remains
for a second or two or less
faintest possible
still assertive
trace of fire
swiftly coming down
the thread
it had been dancing on
meeting the base
and ultimately vanishing
and leaving behind a queer smell around
of a faint whitish serpentine smoke
which also follows it
in a second or half or more.

That smell-I do not like.

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  1. Comments received from C S Lakshmi, Ambai, via Google+:

    Nice poem Kumar although I don't know why the smell becomes the lingering thought. You of course must have a reason for it.


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