Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Kind of Book Reviews That You Can Look For

Dear Friends

I received some enquiries for the book review page ‘Reading and Re-reading’ that is being launched on my blog ALL ABOUT READING ( I humbly request all authors and publishers not to send me books straightaway. I have limited time, resources and interest. If you want your book (s) to be reviewed, please send me a mail at with a synopsis of the book and profile of the author. This will be duly acknowledged and if I find it interesting, I will get back. I am interested in poetry, fiction, marginal discourse (literary as well as socio-cultural), memoirs/travelogues/diaries of contemporary personalities and also in anything related to the business, art, science, sociology, anthropology etc of book publishing, book exhibitions etc. For example, memoirs of publishing editors would be a special area of interest. Interviews of authors may be supplemented, if that is deemed fit. A little window to children’s lit and YA also round the corner…Of course, one can always encounter something interesting to share from any genre!

The idea is to give a comprehensive treatment to a book, new arrivals as well those already in existence, so that we can have better understanding about what is being read, written and published. Books in Hindi and English (including those translated from other languages into these languages) published anywhere in this planet or beyond would be accommodated for the time being till it is found feasible to rope in some of my friends to review books of other languages. E-books are welcome but they would not be picked up for review only because they are e-books!

Textual analysis of the book is supreme for this blog and in case, by any chance, anybody is looking for a personalized, muddy, nudist and obscene duels about authors or publishers, then one is free to visit thousands of such sites in circulation on the internet, which according to numerous online surveys and also statements of the ministers, are being frequented more by kids rather than by adults. Hence, please do not waste your time here looking for any such juicy reviews.

Yours truly and looking for your support, guidance and suggestions and wishing you all an active reading…REVIEWS WOULD HAPPEN AS AND WHEN AN INTERESTING BOOK IS LOCATED ‘AND READ’, …

Disclaimer: Kindly note this is a purely unregistered, voluntary and non-commercial blog, which is not supported by, or claims to be supported by, any organization, government or non-government.  Lots of thanks and regards.     

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